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Science Fiction

PTG was the first of Linda’s books to be published.
It takes place in the not-so-distant future, where humans have expanded to other worlds. Many are genetically modified—nothing too extraordinary, still humanoid, and still politically contentious.
PW's universe of the Consolidated Confederation of Planets is a century beyond PTG. Space travel has sped up considerably, and so have contentious politics. The Solar System has been offered (and accepted) membership in the Confederation.

Play the Game, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2008/2009.  On Amazon - B&N - Kobo - Publisher

Archie Chamberlain wanted little more than his teaching certification, and a nice job teaching English Lit anywhere in the Solar System: "An easy chair, a nice cuppa tea, and a game on the weekend." The greatest obstacle to this quiet life was his best friend, Gennaro, the single-minded, genetically-modified owner of Gamemaster Inc. and ruler of the futuristic City of West Meg.
Despite their radically different educations and temperaments, the two men have known each other since babyhood. Against all odds, they remain best friends. When a wise man leaves Gee an intriguing riddle to solve—find a stone monkey, a dead bird, a brass mouse—it is Archie who inherits the key. How much should he, or can he, give Gee in the way of clues? Their lives depend on it.

Planting Walnuts, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2013. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo - Publisher

John Brannon, ex-Confederation Space Fleet Marine, blacklisted and broke, dodges an arrest warrant by joining an operation that needs money desperately enough to take the worst survey jobs on the books. With him are the owner, a quiet sharpshooter deserted by her husband; a tiny, effective lady mathematician; the middle-aged manager of the failed company; an alien Fleet officer who has fallen prey to depression (or has he?); and customers and co-workers who might be friend or foe. Brannon's goal is to keep them all alive long enough to pick up his share of the profits.

Planting Walnuts is a long book (377+ pages), originally designed as serial adventures. Portions appeared as short stories in Absolute Magnitude and were reprinted in the AbsMag anthology (Tor, 1996), and the web magazine "Fantastic Stories of the Imagination."


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